Published Essays

Hippocampus Magazine

The Crush

Atticus Review

Open Heart

The Rumpus

Language of Love


Now & Then

Proximity Magazine

A Work in Progress

Seven Seconds

Rum Punch Press

Smoking (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

SplitLip Magazine

Photography (2015 Livershot Memoir Contest, Second Place)


Motherhood and waiting: anticipatory preparation

This is Your Crappy Childhood

The New York Times, Motherlode

The “Save the Princess” Message Hurts Boys, Too

The Washington Post, On Parenting

Teaching a child about death

I’m letting my son be in love

My 4-year-old loves toy guns and I don’t know how to parent that

To red shirt or not to red shirt — one mother’s decision process

Full Grown People

The Thing About Love

The Uterus Must Go (Nominated for Pushcart Prize)

This Body (Nominated for Pushcart Prize)

We’ll Always Have Frankfurt

Inked (Included in the anthology Soul Mate 101)

The Accidental Immigrant

Real Estate

Five Pounds of Flesh

Young Love

The Manifest-Station

A Year of Revisiting Old Loves

Southwest Airlines Magazine

A World of His Own

Paste Magazine

Feeding Frenzy

The Butter

Retail Therapy

Cargo Literary

Keepers of History

Flight Path

Role Reboot

Why I’ve Had to Change My Definition of Friendship

When Being a Mother Is a Lonely Gig

What Are We Allowed to Talk About Anymore?

The Mid/Scary Mommy

Now That I’m a Mother, I Want Things

My Husband’s Always Traveling. How Is It Affecting Our Son?

I Am Not Ready for Kindergarten


I’ve Never Gone Through a Breakup (And I Wish I Had)

Huffington Post

Why Moms Have Eyes in the Back of Their Heads

The Married Couple’s 36 Questions for Staying in Love

In Which I Meet Benedict Cumberbatch….But Not Really

Can a New Mascara Change Your Life?

The Problem With Date Night

Mommy Job vs. Daddy Job

Five Things I Learned About Love and Life from Having a Crush on Benedict Cumberbatch

A Week in the Life

This Is How Quickly It Goes

Why Mama Needs to Be Alone Now

Mother Tongue: Giving My Son the Gift of Language and Longing

On Living With (And Choosing To Let Go Of) My Large Breasts


How I Learned to Cherish My Son’s Wild Imagination

My Complicated Relationship with My Jewishness and What It Means for My Son

How Can I Help My Son Adjust to a New City?

Sweatpants & Coffee

Things Every Household Should Have

Brain, Child

Summer of Independence

I Let/Don’t Let my Children Play with Toy Guns (Debate)

Having Kids Strengthened My Marriage/Having a Kid Strained My Marriage: Two Perspectives

Literary Mama

After Page One: Role Model


Are Those Hearts?

Writing Revenge

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