A weird milestone

… And possibly a late one, too. Sam is 4 1/2 and until now he’s been drinking milk from a bottle in the morning and at nap time when he was at home with me. I know, I know… He’s too old for a bottle. But I had such a hard time weaning him off….

Notes from Budapest

A couple of bits and pieces from my notebook: May 12, 2014 So this is Sam’s fourth trip to Budapest and my first without my parents or any other relatives being here. Once you are not greeted by family at the airport you really do become and feel like a tourist in your own country….


We are getting on a plane tomorrow, bound for Budapest. The last time I was there was for my grandma’s funeral lat winter and in a weird way that felt more like a family reunion. My brother was there from Singapore, my parents came, we saw lots of family and friends. This trip will be…