A weird milestone

… And possibly a late one, too.

Sam is 4 1/2 and until now he’s been drinking milk from a bottle in the morning and at nap time when he was at home with me. I know, I know… He’s too old for a bottle. But I had such a hard time weaning him off. He insisted so much and it brought him so much comfort. I think it was the whole ceremony of sitting on my lap, playing with my hair, drinking warm milk from his bottle.

He’s always been one of those kids who did things when he was ready and I sort of thought that he’ll let me know when he doesn’t want it anymore. We tried half-heartedly a couple of times, but he always said “no, I like my milk in the bottle.”

So I took the bottle with us to Hungary and we had no problems taking it through security on our way over. In the U.S. they make exceptions for milk and juice for kids at the airport.

Not so on our way back. At the Hungarian security checkpoint I had to dump his milk. And as I was pouring it out of the bottle I dropped the entire thing into the trash can. A very deep, smelly, dirty trash can. There was no way I was going to reach down and fish around for it. So it stayed in the trash.

We’ve been home for over a week now and Sam’s made no mention of his bottle. He naps without it and wakes up without it in the mornings. I was nervous about the lack of bottle on our first day back, but there was really no need. He’s fine. I am fine.

So there. Bye-bye bottle.



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